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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Image result for Obama China Flag


Former President Obama is on the move with an Asia tour that will take him to countries like China and India.  The liberal media will drool over his trip.  I have said in the past the Antichrist comes from Europe based on Scriptures in Daniel and Revelation.  I have always believed Obama would be a great candidate for the False Prophet.  You see, the False Prophet aids the Antichrist.  Without the False Prophet the Antichrist will not be successful.  It is really the success of the Satanic Trinity during the last days.  Satan (Father anti-type), Antichrist (Son anti-type), False Prophet (Holy Spirit anti-type) will rule the earth the last 3 1/2 years (Revelation 13).  Obama is a type of false prophet, but whether he would be the False Prophet remains to be seen.

So many people do not read the Scripture or understand how important it is to be discerning in the days we live.  I saw on a Facebook post someone wrote that all questions can be answered with love.  Not entirely true.  What is the definition of this love--tolerance?  I will tell you the correct answer to all questions--Jesus.  We have a warped sense of what God aspires in us.  When we come around others we bring a sword, the Word, the only offensive weapon in the armor of God spoken in the Epistles.  That word is the Word, Jesus Christ.  When you bring true Love, the world rejects it.  Obama gives a very false impression of love, acceptance, etc.  Obama is full of hate and deception.  Be ready, Obama's power in the world is not as diminished as some may think.  He has and is fueling unrest throughout America and the world for the sake of Satan.  Yes, it is what it is.  

Watch this trip to Asia.  Watch what he says.  Wolf in sheep's clothing will be what you will see, mark my word.  Pray for your family and friends as deception is high.  God's promise to us is that He will bring Jesus back before His true church is deceived or martyred into oblivion.  God has this, and you.

Source:  http://cnn.it/2AhAeyV

Bro. Brian

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Image result for angela merkel sad


Angela Merkel of Germany is on the ropes.  Since the EU's great integration, Germany had been the engine of the EU.  Whatever Germany said, the EU did.  Now we have a situation in Germany where the last election has brought the government close to a hung parliament.  If Germany cannot get a majority ruled government, and if Merkel does go out, then the EU does not have their engine and voice.  This is different than the other change of governments in Germany.  Germany seems to be in a freefall, much like the United States.  Therefore, there may come a time real soon when the EU and the US look to someone else to lead the West.  We know him as the little horn, the eleventh horn, the Antichrist.  He will not be a leader of a country, but will be one who comes up from the ten horns which is the eleventh.

Interestingly, the EU will get a new EU Foreign Minister on November 1st, 2019, and later that month Israel will have their national elections.  If Europe continues its current path, then the EU may look to the new EU Foreign Minister to lead the continent and its foreign policy.  This will come in a time when great changes are happening in the Middle East.  President Trump will have his new peace imitative early next year, 2018.  I am thinking that the Israelis and Palestinians will hash out details with Saudi and Egyptian mediation along with Western guidance.  This may take more than a year, which brings us to 2019 where two important posts will be filled:  EU Foreign Minister and Israeli Prime Minister.

I do not think Netanyahu will run again which means we may have a very new dynamic, and the Israeli public may vote on a peace agreement attached to the national elections for Prime Minister.  Time will tell.  Merkel's Mess may turn into a very prophetic peace treaty and new leader in Europe in less than 2 years.

Whatever the case, we look at these things as possibilities.  God will have His say, and we are obedient to His Will.  This Christmas, spread the Gospel, because you never know how short our time is on this earth.

Bro. Brian

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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Image result for happy blessed thanksgiving


I am so blessed.  One year ago  yesterday I was put on the liver transplant list in Kentucky because I was diagnosed five years prior of a rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  Later I multi-listed in Indiana.  I am now PSC free because of a life saving transplant on September 17th at IU Hospital in Indianapolis.  I am eating a Thanksgiving meal for the first time with a full appetite over five years.  God has been so good to me and my family.  Looking back at the whole experience has been so spiritual.  Many of you know me, and know that I try my very best not to sensationalize the Scriptures, but let the Scriptures speak for themselves.  This leads into my story.

I answered the call into the ministry at age 17.  I angered the Lord by not accepting His call automatically, which in turn made me spiritually weaker.  During that time there was a spiritual battle over my life.  I saw two demons one night coming home late from a College Baptist Revival.  It is at that time, I believe I contacted PSC through those two demons.  I dreamed two specific dreams, which pointed to three battles that would take place in my life during the last stage of my liver disease.  The first battle was my diagnosis where the doctor began shouting and yelling at me.  He was going crazy, and I went into a sever depression.  I found out later he was atheist, and my PSC journey had just began.  Second, I lost consciousness, and "died" during an ERCP procedure.  It was there I experienced the feeling of  heaven.  I received assurances from God that He will conquer this for me.  After those two demons were defeated, I knew a third and more powerful one was waiting in the wings when I would get my transplant.  It was there that the surgery went great.  God has this.  I knew it.  A three and a half hour surgery with a smooth recovery has allowed me to minister in time for the holidays.  Now, God has defeated three specific demons that have tested me in my life, and I am more thankful now than ever for a gift of life from Jesus and my donor family.

PSC is a rare autoimmune liver disease closely related to bowel disease.

MY PSC is non autoimmune and no bowel disease.  Doctors have been stumped I am the only non-autoimmune PSC they have ever seen. It is because it is spiritual.  My friends--It is my journey.

To my donor family--Thank you.  I am using my life serving the Lord, and I asked the Lord to share the blessings He will give me with the donor family.  They are now a part of the journey.

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Image result for lebanon flag


Lebanon has readied its military for a clash against Israel.  In the last few weeks we have the Saudi air force on alert, Israeli military on standby for military conflict from the south and north, and Lebanon's President deposed and its military readying for war.  In the meantime, Russia is meeting with Turkey and Iran in Sochi to coordinate a military strategy for the Middle East.  Ezekiel 38/39 speaks of a military clash between Magog (Russia), Persia (Iran), Gomer and Togarmah (Turkey), and Cush (Sudan/Ethiopia).  This clash will usher a great earthquake felt in many places, the coastlands of the West will face fire (military action), and Saudi Arabia (Dedan) and the younglings of Tarshish (USA) will not come to the aid of Israel.

Israel will only be saved through the intervention of Jesus Christ.  After the war the world will know something supernatural had happened.  Israel will begin to experience its salvation of its people.  The hearts of many will continue to grow colder, and our ministry will grow stronger with the evidence of Scripture explaining the hand of God in Israel.  I am not saying we are on the precipice of this, but my prophetic radar has increased significantly with the Russian, Iranian, and Turkish meeting in Sochi, Russia (see news link on my twitter page or upper left corner of website).  Could a plan be developed as Ezekiel 38/39 states, and could Russia be hooked in this meeting to attack Israel along with Iran, Turkey,  and its subordinates in Sudan and/or Ethiopia?  I believe Sudan is the more likely choice than Ethiopia.  Continue to follow the website as we watch these important developments.  The news media is not reporting much of what is happening in the Middle East which is another evidence that this may be Scripture soon fulfilled.  American military hardware is amassed around N. Korea, so it would be a prophetic time for a great deal of evidence of God's salvation in Israel.  Time will tell.

As always, God knows all things, and it is frustrating seeing the Word twisted and discarded.  Do not loose heart.  Many before us faced the same type of falling away, and Scripture states it must happen in the last days.  Hang in there, you will be fine.  God has this, and He has you.  Make a difference this Thanksgiving season.

Bro. Brian

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Image result for Saudi Israel Flag


Saudi Arabia and Israel are coordinating their militaries for a campaign against Iran and Hezbollah.  Israel is beefing up its military readiness, and Saudi Arabia has a new ruler.  Mohammed bin Salman, age 31, has purged the government and military to solidify his hold on the country.  This new young ruler has an affinity toward Israel.  He is not as hostile toward Israel as his predecessors.  I have a feeling Israel and Saudi Arabia may very well try to purge Lebanon and Syria of Iranian influence before a peace deal is delivered by the West.  

President Trump's Administration said that it will be a couple of years before a peace deal can be delivered.  His team is working closely with Saudi Arabia, holder of Islam's holy sites, and Israel, holder of Jewish holy sites, to put together a peace deal.  Time will tell, but it seems like the United States is allowing Israel and Saudi Arabia to clean the Middle East enough to deliver a peace deal.  We will see if this transpires and if it will be successful.

The Word of God said that there will be wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24).  This is another war that is rumored.  With the Middle East getting more interesting, and N. Korea always in the news, it won't be long before something does happen.

Remember as the world fights more and more against Christ, and you see the sins of people destroy themselves because they do not ask forgiveness from their Lord.  Self-check yourself, and remember that God wants you to be the best version of you that you can be in this sinful life.  He loves and likes you, and wants you to be made more in the image of God each and every day.

Bro. Brian

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Image result for Trump Israeli Flag


President Trump is working hard for a Middle East peace initiative in the early stages of 2018.  The Trump Team is working the Arab capitals to get a comprehensive agreement in the next few months.  Sometimes you have to clear the field for a grand agreement.  Is the Trump Team pushing Saudi Arabia and Israel into war so that the field is clear for a deal of a lifetime?  Time will tell.

Reports are stating Saudi Arabia is putting their air force on standby for military intervention in Lebanon.  Israel is quietly working behind the scenes to support Saudi Arabia in the possibility of pushing Iran out of Lebanese territory.  Israel has warned Iran that their military base they are building will not be accepted.  It seems the tension in the Middle East is rising.  It would not surprise me if the Middle East would go to war by Christmas.  We just have to see what transpires in the weeks ahead.  

As always, nothing works in a vacuum.  The elites are pushing hard their agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere.  It is hard to see their plan at times, and I have to wonder if we have a glimpse of it right here?  

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017

Image result for israeli breaking news


Supposedly a secret Israeli Cable was intercepted which instructed Israeli diplomats to follow the Saudi line concerning Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Lebanon, and the Iranian state of Yemen.  It seems Israel and Saudi Arabia are preparing for war.  Israel is in the midst of war games, Saudi Arabia is purging their government, and Lebanon's leader has resigned.  If Israel calls up their reserves, or there is military movement from one of the states above, then we may have a pretty significant Middle East conflict.  Time will tell.

We will watch this very closely, and there seems to be something very significant in the near future.  As always, God is in control, and if it is something that He allows happen, it will.  

Bro. Brian



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Tuesday, 07 November 2017

Image result for saudi arabia flag


When a missile was shot over Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, I knew it was significant.  Saudi Arabia declared Lebanon's Hezbollah, which is the Iranian backed Lebanese government, declared war on the Desert Kingdom.  Daniel 11 describes four main power brokers in the last days.  First, the West led by the Antichrist.  This encompasses Europe and N. and S. America.  Then, the North, which is led by Gog (Russia's leader), and the East which is commonly described as being led by a great east power, and today that is China.  The South is a Muslim confederation often described as being led by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or whichever power is the most influential in that day.  If we are close to the prophecy of Daniel 11, which happens before the European Antichrist marches in Jerusalem to perform the abomination of desolation, then it would possibly be Saudi Arabia.

You know a country is readying for war when it cleans house as the Saudi House is doing, and the military makes preparation for a great conflagration such as calling up reserves and/or putting certain generals in place.  We see the Saudi military purging the military brass for new generals which are supported by the Saudi leadership.  This could be moves to stave off a coup, or it could be moves that foretell a Muslim confederation readying to make a move toward Israel to stop Iran.  However, in it all, Israel will end up being the enemy of all the major power brokers--North, East, West, and South.

What is interesting in the Scriptures from Daniel, is Amman (Jordan), seems to not be in the enemy camp against Israel.  Throughout the modern age, Jordan has been the friendliest toward the Jewish Kingdom.  Egypt plays a great part, and of course the Muslim nations will participate in the battles of Daniel chapter 11.  These battles take place just prior to the mid point of the 70th week of Daniel.  It is not the beginning of the 70th week that is significant, but the mid point.  The last 3 1/2 years is the Great Tribulation, and it is during this time the judgements of the bowls, thunders, and trumpets are poured out.  The seal judgements happen during the first 1/2 of the 70th week, and are of man's doing.  The last 3 1/2 years is a direct judgment of God.  We Christians are raptured during the sixth seal in Revelation, and just prior to the seventh seal.  

We will have to continue to keep an eye on Saudi Arabia.  The next few days to the next couple of weeks are important to see what the Desert Kingdom is doing.  Looks like a birth pain is beginning.

I am doing very good health wise.  I do travel to my transplant center from time to time, which takes me away from the website, but not too much.  Thank you for your prayers, and I am about 80% back to where I was before.  

Bro. Brian

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