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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


The American government has announced the Russians are hacking the American election process.  Who knows who is telling the truth.  We know the Americans lie as good as anyone in order to fulfill their plans.  President Obama announced his administration will look over the election process through the Department of Homeland Security.  In other words, for the first time in American history, the electoral process may be transferred from local and state governments to the federal government.   You can see how easy it is for governments to solidify power.  The EU is great at solidifying power in Brussels.  In time, the economic situation will get so bad, the world will give its allegiance to the Antichrist.

Russian, Iranian, and Turkish power is now at the northern border of Israel.  How amazing this is!  The United States is delivering Israel to its enemies.  President Obama has done more harm to Israeli security than any other President.  In time, Ezekiel 38/39 will begin and change the world, and Israel.  As the world solidifies its power in the capitols of the world, Satan will rule with an iron hand even more.  Time is close, my friends.

Most people do not know what is going on.  They sense the evil, but they do not know how to respond.  We need to educate people that these events are not done in a vacuum, but are done with a purpose.  Our families and friends need us more than ever.  The countries of the world are getting ready for the War of Armageddon.  We are also being prepared for the war at hand.  The spiritual war between God and the Kingdom of Darkness is real.  Satan is real, demons are real, fallen angels are real, and they are in a war over the souls of mankind and the nation of Israel.  Stay strong, it will be ok.  God has this, and He has you.

Bro. Brian

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Saturday, 27 August 2016


President Obama has successfully weakened America's leadership to the point that we are on the precipice of all out war in the Middle East.  Iranian and Russian forces are continuing  to harass American forces.  The Ezekiel 38/39 war is very important.  It establishes the fact God saves Israel.  It excellerates the weakening of western power in order for Armageddon to take place, and the world will harden its heart against God.  The dangerous games the Russians and Iranians are playing are very similar to games before all out war.  The two nations are testing the Western resolve, and they are testing how much they can get away with.  At this time, it is sad to see the West supporting the Islamic culture so much.  A culture that has enslaved people for over a millenium.  

Along with the Russian and Iranian provocations, Turkey invaded northern Syria.  It was not a total invasion, but enough to raise suspicion.  There will come a time when enough firepower will engulf Damascus and it will be destroyed.  It will only take a spark for this prophecy to be fulfilled.  Israel has to be concerned with all of military moves being done in the Middle East.  It was reported Iran has thousands of missiles in Lebanon ready for an atack on Israel  In time, it will be the enemies of Israel that will be defeated on the northern mountains of God's land.  

The elites know what is to come, and we are their serfs.  The alternate right the news media is now talking about includes you and me.  The elites are now labeling a certain part of society not worth their time.  This is one reason why the internet will go to a world body in October, and the alternate media will be forced out.  There will come a day when the mark of the beast will be implemented and we, who are found in Christ, will be labeled to far right to be associated in society.  That time may not be far off.

In all of this, we need to keep the eye on the prize.  Our God has a new Earth waiting for us.  A new life that can come to every individual now, and be with His Spirit.  You don't have to wait till heaven, you can experience a bit of heaven at this very moment.  How great is that!

Bro. Brian

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Image result for time clock midnight


Vice President Biden is visiting Turkey because Turkey is changing alliances from the United States to Russia.  Turkey promised Russia the Incirlik Air Base.  Russia wants this air base so it can attack Israel in a future battle.  This will give Russia great strategic advantage over Israel.  Turkey knows this, and the axis of Russia, Iran, and Turkey are preparing for the defeat of Assad's enemies in time for a surprise attack on Israel.  I believe while Syria is being subdued by the axis, Damascus will be destroyed.  If you see Damascus destroyed, we will enter into uncharted prophetic territory.  The picture below shows the strategic advantage of Incirlik Air Base.  Look how close it is to Israel, which is south of Syria. 

Israel is just south of Syria.  This is also very close to the underwater gas fields to the west of Syria claimed by Israel despite Russia's opposition.  This air base will allow Russia to have a direct flight to the underwater gas fields.  If Russia takes this spoil, they will have great control over the oil and gas markets in the world.  President Obama is speeding up his own judgment, and he does not even know it.  It is quite sad, really.  However, we know the salvation of the Jews is much closer due to the recent developments.  Biden would not go to Turkey if it was not serious.  I think it is more serious than any of us realize.  Turkey has decided to go to Russia for its main ally, and is kicking the United States out.  I think it has already happened, and soon the US will leave the air base in Turkey altogether.  

Our God is so good.  His Word does not turn void.  He created us in His image so that we may be His ambassadors in a fallen world.  He could shout the truth from the mountaintops, but He opts to use us instead.  Be the mouthpiece of God.  His Spirit will guide you, and you will not be disappointed.  God is that good.

Bro. Brian

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Image result for russian power


The Russian army has amassed 40,000 troops on the border with Ukraine, while sorties are flying from an Iranian air base, and Russian cruise missiles are being fired from see into Syria.  There is one report where the United States is transferring its nuclear arsenal in Turkey to Romania, and soon Russian troops may be stationed at an American base in Turkey.  All of this is a prelude to the Gog/Magog War.   There has not been this type of Russian move since WW2.  This is very significant folks.  Read Ezekiel 38/39 because we might be on the precipice of something major.

In October the United States is handing over the internet to a world body of people, which means the restriction of freedom will be inevitable.  This is happening while there is a great push to get Hillary Clinton elected by the world's elites.  Also, George Soros is pushing the refugee agenda in Europe to destroy borders, and he controlled Ukraine for a short while a couple of years ago.  The elites want more control, and they will do anything to get it.  We are there, my friends.  It is not there to sound the alarm just yet, but we are close.  We do need to warn people to get ready for the coming of Jesus, but the alarms, almost there.

God is amazing.  It is amazing seeing His Word unfold.  Pray for one another, your pastor, your family and friends, and those above you.  You need to listen to those that have their ear to prophecy.  Our world is changing fast, but that just means He is that much closer to bringing us home.  

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Image result for russia superpower


To answer the question in the pic, yes, they will become a superpower to go against the Antichrist and the West.  Russia's goal is not Ukraine or Aleppo, but Israel's gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Mark my words, we will see a war spoken in Ezekiel over the gas fields, and it will lead Iran, Turkey, and Russia into the northern mountains of Israel where they will see their destruction.  Putin knows Obama is weak, and he may not have much time.  Ezekiel tells us in chapters 38 and 39 there will be a hook which leads Russia into the northern mountains of Israel.  Iran is ready now, but Russia knows it is a challenge to fight against the Jewish state.  I will keep remembering my readers the Russian air craft carrier arrives off the coast of Syria in October.  I do not think anything signficant in Israel will happen until then, if it happens soon.  Russia may go into Ukraine temporarily, or take control of Syria, but Israel will be at an opportune time when all military assets are available to the Russian Czar.

George Soros has pushed the refugee crisis and black lives matters to push the global agenda.  Liberal whites are using their power to make all of us serfs.  I have some good black friends of mine who do not act like the blacks in the streets of America which attack cops.  We, as Christians, need to be very careful not to paint one group of people with one brush.  There are good and bad, Christian and non-Christian, in almost any group.  There is a lot of deception going on while Satan is pushing his agenda through Liberalism and through dictators like Putin.  Keep your eye on the prize, which is the coming of Jesus Christ.  You serve Him most of all.  

God is so good.  He is awesome.  He loves you, He adores you, and He likes you.  Spend some time with Him.  Once you are saved, you will never lose the salvation.  Your standing is secure, no matter what happens.  Your relationship does not change, but your fellowship can change based on your behavior.  Keep His Commandments.  He loves you too much to let you go.  He will never let you go.  

Bro. Brian

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Image result for russia iran turkey flag


Turkey, Russia, and Iran have formed an alliance that the prophets of old told us about.  The alliance spoken in Ezekiel 38/39 is forming before our very eyes.  Most of the world does not understand the significance of the events in the Middle East.  Israel is the center of prophecy while Jerusalem is the navel.  The alliance becomes stronger with a very weak American President and a West increasingly denying their God.  As the world enters into a period of apostasy and moral relativism, the enemies of God will position themselves around Israel.  Satan is readying for the great battle at hand, and yet he is already there.

You see, Israel is still important.  One of the main misinterpretations of Scripture is Israel becomes the Church.  Romans chapter 11 speaks otherwise.  We, as Christians, were grafted into the wild tree.  Jesus is the root, and in time Israel and the Church will live in harmony as heaven comes to earth.  Israel will be saved prior to the coming of Jesus Christ.  Before all of this happens, Israel will be attacked by her enemies.  The alliance of Russia, Turkey, and Iran is coming together unlike anything we have seen in a very long time, possibly the first time in world history. 

In order for all of this to happen, the lie spoken in Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians will have to mislead many.  We see the seeds of the lie today.  The lie, in my opinion, is that we are gods, and we do not need the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  It is a subtle lie.  I think it is that simple.  It is the same lie that brought mankind into direct conflict with Jesus because Adam and Eve wanted to be like gods, or a civilization where we direct our paths, not our Lord. 

I know it is hard my friends.  Be patient.  Those things that are right are counted wrong, and vice versa.  We should not be surprised.  God has this.  Always remember, God told us these things must take place.  There will be no time before or after that will be as bad as those days that are future.  In it all, look to the prize, which is heaven with your best friend and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I also cannot wait to see all those who follow the website, and make this so worthwhile.  My eternal thanks.

Bro. Brian 

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Tuesday, 09 August 2016
Image result for kiss and makeup
Russia and Turkey are becoming allies again, and just in time for the Russian air craft carrier to arrive in the Middle East in October for possible military conflict with Israel.  I said some time ago that the months from October through January may be very critical in the Middle East.  A Russian and Iranian military buildup in Syria while Turkey becomes allies with Russia bodes ill for Israel.  The United States will not come to the aid of Israel, and the US is very susceptible to a Russian attack as spelled out in Ezekiel 38/39 when the Prophet states the young lions of Tarshish and the people of the coastlands will feel the affects of an attack.  I am not saying it will happen, but the events around the Middle East are similar to Scripture.  Time will tell.
The Middle East is a powder keg.  We all know from Scripture that the region will be chaotic.  It will only take one spark to blow it all up.  It would not take much for Damascus to be destroyed per Isaiah 17.  We have the false church on earth as Revelation 17 states, and the world is believing one lie after another  so as to be prepared for the big lie to come.  You are also a part of Scripture.  You are part of the remnant who believes.  God will use you in these days, and He is preparing you for the Savior.  Hang in there, you will be ok.
Bro. Brian  

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Monday, 08 August 2016

Image result for rich


The elites are waging war on the rest of the world.  They are terrified of Donald Trump because he is unpredictable.  What this shows me, is that those same elites are terrified of us.  It is not because we are Trump followers (even though some of us are), but we are as unpredictable as he is.  As the Trump fear fades, because I really think Hillary will win, the world will have all of its attention on us Christians.  The world elites are already bringing their religion in the church in the form of tolerance.  It will come a time, and yet already here, where the elites will want to control everything that comes from the pulpit.  

These same elites will institute the mark of the beast so that you and I are controlled.  They want total domination, and they have already sold their soul to the Devil to attain it.  Yes, you and I are fighting more than just globalization.  We are fighting the religion of Babylon which will take world control at all costs.  You and I are the enemies because we have allegiance toward Jesus Christ.  Our Kingdom is not of this world.  When people don't understand you, persecute you, ostracize you, and put you down, don't be surprised.  You threaten them as you do the elites.  Give your grievances to God, and He will make your enemies your footstool.  As the old hymn states, "Trust and Obey ".  Don't be afraid, God has this.

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 02 August 2016

Image result for global


President Hollande of France said the US election is global.  That is about the only thing I agree with him about.  The globalists are having a meltdown, and it has a lot to do with Brexit.  When Brexit happened, it shocked the Western world.  There is an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you (Brexit), fool me twice shame on me (keep Trump out at all cost).  President Obama and the Europeans are not about to have Trump president.  Trump is an interesting character.  Without getting into politics, lets focus on God's children, believers.  The world is not about to have those awful Christians to lead the world like they have the last 1000 years.  The world will keep anyone that fights their system out whether it is Trump, born-again believers, etc.  President Obama showed sadness and disappointment with how the Crusades turned out.  He is not about to let Christianity have the upper hand this time.  

Hang in there, my friends.  We will get through this.  There is always a remnant of God's people who hold to the truth, even to the end of the age.  We are witnessing the true colors of the liberal elites.  It is a difficult time to live in, but it will be ok.  God has this, and He has you.  Yes, the election is global, everything is, and one day soon Jesus will bring His Kingdom on earth, so world without end and sin, Amen!!

Bro. Brian

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Monday, 01 August 2016

Image result for apostate church


The Pope declared a new humanity is upon us where there are no borders, and we are to get along.  The Pope constantly states Islam is not evil, and that all religions are peaceful.  This is the message of the Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17, the false church on earth in the last days.  Even though we are mentioning the Catholic leader, there are many Protestant leaders we could put on the picture above with the same caption.  Homosexuality is invading the ranks of Christian pastoral ministry while false teachings on Christianity, and other tenants of the Word are being proclaimed.  Islam is being portrayed as equal with Christianity.  Let me tell you, Jesus is superior whether the world likes it or not.  True Christians who live His testimony are being ostracized by society.  The Pope and others are declaring a new humanity  is rising as a new world of utopia is dawning, but we who are watchers know this is the false message of the apostate church.  The true church is not a part of this new humanity, but we are a part of the Kingdom of the living God.

I would strongly advise you to read Revelation 17.  the Whore of Babylon, false church, will sleep with the governments of the world.  Those who call themselves "Christian", but do not have the faith are a part of the Great Whore.  These Christians do not follow the commandments of God, and are not washed in the Blood of the Lamb because they have not faithfully given themselves over to Jesus in a personal salvation experience.  We, who are in Christ, are a part of the bride, the true church, which is as white as snow because we have been washed in the very blood which bought each and every one of us.  Only faith in the only Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the path to heaven, no other suffices. 

If you are sick of the lies, deception, and anti-Christian venom from our political and religious leaders, you are not alone.  There are many who share your same feelings.  Elijah thought he was the only one who knew God's true plan, but God revealed to him that there were thousands in Israel who knew God and felt the same way as Elijah.  So it is in this day.  You are not alone.  The quiet servants of God here the voice of God, and those who love God and speak up, pray for them.  God is so good.

Bro. Brian

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