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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


She is drunk with power isn't she?  The EU will convene a peace summit on June 3rd to decide what to do with the Israel problem.  These peace summits have happened before, but what is different this time is that the main parties, Israel and the Palestinians, are not invited.  I believe the Palestinians have had open discussions with the EU, but Israel is a different story.  The world is not inviting Israel because they want to discuss issues Israel is not in agreement with.  I really don't know exactly how this is going to play out, but one thing I do know is the Beast is exercising her authority more than I have ever seen in the peace process.

I have always thought one of the reasons the Antichrist comes into Israel is because Israel is given a 3 1/2 year period to implement a deal that was agreed upon, but Israel does not, and the Antichrist comes in to force the deal.  The Palestinians want a time period connected to the current peace move.  A 3 1/2 year period would seem reasonable by today's standards.  Time will tell.

What is very interesting is the English may vote to leave the EU on June 23rd.  We might have a EU peace movement with a time period, and one of the ten horns leaving the EU.  The English may take a couple of more with it, and we have the three horns of prophecy which will be subdued by the Antichrist.  Again, time will tell.

June seems momentous, and we will continue as always looking at what is going on this world as it pertains to the Word of God.  Stay true to the Lord, and keep praying for one another.  The power of prayer moves the Spirit of the Living God.

Bro. Brian

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Image result for democratic donkey


The new Defense Minister, Lieberman, is a pariah to the Obama Administration.  The administration has come out against the appointment as not helpful to the peace process.  I believe Netanyahu put the very savvy Lieberman in the position of Defense Minister so that Israel would have a stronger presence in the new revitalized peace process spearheaded by France and the West.  The new date for the peace meet is June 3rd.  Netanyahu knows this is getting harder and harder to protect Israel each time a new push to divide the land of Israel is instigated by the West.  God tells us in His Holy Word that He will curse those that divide His land.  He has granted the land to the Jews, and they will have it forever.  Also, Lieberman's far right party coupled with the conservative government already in place as a very religious nature to it.  We have a government in Israel that would support the rebuilding of the third Temple if it pleases.  It will be difficult to get a much more conservative religious government in Israel unless God wills it.  The United States loathes the government in place, and this probably will allow the United States and its Democratic President to lay out a very harsh position against Israel.

Also, the Democratic platform may be even more anti-Israel and anti-God this year than ever before.  There is a sizeable percentage of Democrats who want to side with the Palestinians, and that may very happen this time in the Democratic platform.  Hillary Clinton has been a strong supporter of Israel on paper, so we have to see how much she is weakened, but it looks like the real Democratic Party may show its ugly face this year at the Convention.  We can effectively say the Democrats are not on the side of good, and the Republicans are not far off.

As the world goes against God's people, Israel, remember you are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and their salvation.  It will come, and when it does, the angels in heaven will be singing.  We are heading just like I thought we would.  Deception is high, but my God is higher.  

Bro. Brian

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Image result for vs.


The Western societies are conditioning each and every one of us to accept their form of religion that does not include God.  Different forms of sexuality is just the beginning.  Governments are forcing their beliefs in society, and if you do not believe in the government's view of morality you cannot operate in society.  This is exactly the way the mark of the beast will be presented.  It will be presented in such a way that the Antichrist will make a moral pitch to society that it is the way to save us all.  There is one problem the Antichrist will have, and that is the followers of Jesus Christ.  We will resist the call of the mark just as we are resisting the calls to change society into Sodom and Gomorrah.  Therefore, expect more of the same from our governments telling us how to believe and what to accept and not to accept.  

Be strong.  God will reform this world into the New Earth, New Heavens, and we will have a New City in which we will visit shops, restaurants, and places of entertainment.  There will be the presence of God in the New City of Jerusalem, and nations will bring their adoration to the Lord in the city.  The world is trying to remake this world, but it will turn out to ruin.  Stay the course, don't give up, for God has a New World He is bringing, and you who are in Christ will be a part of it, and those who reject Jesus will not.
That leads us to Israel.  Israel will head the nations in eternity, and Satan is trying his best to obliterate Israel from existence, but he will fail.  The false peace that will soon be placed on Israel, and the Russian/Iranian invasion of Israel are just two ways Lucifer will try to destroy His people.  In the New Earth, Israel will lead all nations in worshiping the Son of God.  I will expound more on the peace process in the coming days.  Until then, continue to work in this dark and deceiving world making a difference for God. 
Bro. Brian
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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Image result for prepare


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has chosen a new defense minister by inviting a small conservative party into his coalition.  This tells me Netanyahu knows he cannot stop the Peace Conference scheduled for June 3rd.  He is preparing not only for an onslaught of peace moves by the international community, but military threats from ISIS, Russia, and Iran.  Lieberman is more of a diplomat than the former defense minister.  Lieberman is very conservative, but has a way to negotiate shrewdly in Israeli interests.  Israel seems to be preparing for a major peace move in the coming weeks.

Time will tell how this latest Peace Initiative will play out.  French officials are traveling to Israel, and the United States has taken an interest, which is extremely important.  I suspect the United States is now on board to dividing Israel for the first time in American history.  There have been times when America has not been as supportive of Israel, but this seems to be taking a very hostile turn of events.

Be courageous, my friends.  These are difficult days to live.  You can do it, because you live for a God that can do it. Never lose hope, and trust no one to be the all authority besides your Savior Jesus Christ.  The days we live in are the days of Elijah, and you are very blessed to be chosen for such a time as this.

Bro. Brian

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Image result for ball


Israel stated that the French Peace Initiative will get their support if and only if there is recognition of a Jewish state.  Israel is playing hardball with  the French after the French voted in an UNESCO vote the Jewish did not have a historical presence on the Temple Mount.  The French has since changed their stance on the UNESCO vote.  The Israelis know the world has an appetite to get more involved in her affairs, but it remains to be seen what the Obama Administration is going to do.  They US government is staying fairly quiet on this issue.  The May 30th summit will be moved to accomodate John Kerry, so we shall see.  

We do know Obama is itching to force Israel to give up some of her land.  Obama announced the world is going to change a lot more.  I suspect he is correct.  How fast it changes remains to be seen, but it is not going to bode well for God's people.  Be of good courage, God has this and has you.  He will not let you fail if you just trust in Him.  There is a spiritual battle over God's holy land, but also over your calling.  I sense a huge spiritual battle is brewing over the Temple Mount, over the Middle East in general, and over you.  This may be just the beginning of a huge spiritual push by Satan to take over Israel.  There will be defeats for God's people, but in the end we know who has won the victory--Jesus Christ.
Bro. Brian
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Friday, 13 May 2016


I want to talk about three topics that show us we live in a very spiritual world.  First, the Trump phenomenon is more than just the angry voter.  It is the realization that globalization is not about bringing people together, but tearing people apart.  Second, Russia and Iran are on the move.  Third, Israel is feeling the heat as the peace conference on May 30th gets closer by the day.

First, Donald Trump has surpassed all expectations.  His populous ideas address the fears of many American voters.  The fear of an elite world order that is on the crusp to destroying everything you love.  The fear of an elite world order that will take your God away and your way of life.  The fear of an elite world order that will end everything you know to hold true to your hope in life.  That may sound quite profound, but isn't it correct?  If you enjoy the nice things in this life, then you may not understand the other voter who is suffering.  It is just like the old Roman Republic where the Senators only reward those that are the priveliged, and the poor plebeians had no hope, until Jesus came.  This is where Franklin Graham and others are beginning to tap into.  We need to do the same.  You are the modern Paul, Peter, Dorcas, Mary Magdelene, etc.  You are required by God to tell others about a Jesus that will give people a hope that this world cannot take away.  Be brave, have a Christian bravado, and be courageous to tell others about Jesus.  Isn't that what Donald Trump is doing to some extent?  I don't agree with some he has to say, but I admire his bravado to say it the way he sees it.  For us, we need to say it as God sees it.  The time is now.  In a short time, the Antichrist will come upon the scene to be the ultimate populous, and that will be too late for many people.
Second, Russia is testing its missile, Satan 2, and Iran tested a missile capable of hitting Israel.  You put a nuclear warhead on the Iranian missile, and you have world war 3.  Russia and Iran know Obama has weakened the West so much that there is no fear the United States will punish the Iranian/Russian regime.  With no fear of punishment, the prophecy in Ezekiel is ready to fulfill where Russia and Iran attack Israel with no help from Israel's allies.  In other words, no military response to the Russian/Iranian attack.  If there were ever a day when this would be fulfilled it would be now during Obama's last year in office.  Who knows what the next President will bring?  Only God knows.
Third, Israel has joined the NATO alliance is such a way that NATO will give Israel some military cover, but we know when it comes to it NATO will fail Israel.  I believe NATO may very well be the avenue to give the Antichrist a means to go into E. Jerusalem to perform the abomination of desolation.  Israel knows if a "peace" treaty will be forced upon them, they need something in return.  With Obama giving Israel fits over the US on its military deal, Israel may have no other nation to go to except the EU/NATO.  Israel is feeling the pinch.  They have unfriendly relationships with neighbors that they respected just a few years ago.  They have a United States government that is growing more anti-Semitic and a EU that is hostile.  I just read that the new textbooks in Israel are focusing more on God's promises to Israel than its traditional liberal traditional outlook.  Israel may be looking for security elsewhere in the EU for the moment because it has to, but in time it will look to God, and He will be her salvation.  
Everything must be looked through the eyes of God.  It is hard to do that.  Pray for those who you know to grow in the Lord.  It is unnerving to serve God.  It is living outside the box consistently that God approves.  He wants warriors for His Kingdom, and you can be one.  He called you to His kingdom to battle along side of Him.  Join that spiritual battle today.
Bro. Brian
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Wednesday, 04 May 2016

Image result for nato israel


NATO has given Israel an upgraded status.  This bodes ill for Israel.  First, this sounds like a  quid-pro-quo.  Israel gets special status in NATO, a mostly European membership, in exchange for a treaty later this year?  If this deal is what I think could lead to, then the upgraded status will be hell for Israel.  I can see Europe requiring a lot from Israel in exchange for this special status.  Israel may have made a deal with the devil as it has given its military sovereignty over to Europe, the home of the future Antichrist. 

Second, this special status may give the future Antichrist the foundation to come into E. Jerusalem to perform the abomination of desolation.  It may be this special status which the mainstream media sides with the Antichrist as he demands the holy city.  Israel may wish they never made this deal.

We know Europe is pushing a peace summit on May 30th which will is supposed to lead to another peace meeting later in the summer/fall.  The hope of Europe is that sometime this year a treaty will be given to Israel and the Palestinians to accept.  Time will tell if this is a major piece of the puzzle.  Often, it is this little bit of news that gets lost in the big headlines, but this little bit of news becomes huge in the near future.  

Whatever the case, we know God has everything in control.  He knows what is happening, and is positioning you to fulfill His goals in His kingdom.  You are a very important part of that kingdom.  Stay true to the Word.  You are His, and He will never dissapoint.

Bro. Brian

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