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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Image result for jerusalem a burdensome stone


Stupid.  The Pharaoh tried--fail, the Caesars tried--failed, Emperors have tried--failed, Hitler tried--failed, and today the UN is trying and will fail.  Secretary Kerry spoke, and spoke, and spoke, and at the end it mattered little--right now.  The Russians rebuffed the American peace moves against Israel today which made Secretary Kerry impotent on the Middle East peace move.  He offered very little, but the damage had already been done.  The UN vote against Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria sets up the Antichrist coming in and persecuting those very Jews.  E. Jerusalem is Biblical Jerusalem, not W. Jerusalem.  The world told Israel it will decide E. Jerusalem, or as the Scripture says above, "We will come against Jerusalem", but they will see their destruction.  Stupid, the world is, and it is being a fool trying to fight God as so many before have done, and have failed.  Barack Obama has never been a friend to Israel, and the next time someone says that the United States has provided so much military hardware to Israel during Obama's Presidency, then you need to reply that did not have to be done if Obama did not let Iran become a Middle East superpower.  Don't be fooled.  The world is setting up for Israel's destruction, and they will fail.  Yes, many will be persecuted, but in the end all Israel shall be saved as the writer to the Roman church (Book of Romans) stated in chapter 11 two millennia ago.

I still think the Paris peace parley may have some meaning.  Right now it doesn't because the Russians put cold water on it, but after some backroom deals.  The January 15th peace parley may lead to a UNSC resolution a few days after and before Trump is sworn in on January 20th, which will further change the world.  Don't be afraid, God will defeat His enemies.  They may think they have won, but they have not.  They lost 2,000 years ago when Jesus claimed victory over sin and death.  He alone is victorious, and we who believe in Him are victorious with Him.

Thank you for your prayers.  My liver has deteriorated considerably over the past month.  I am now fourth on the list in the type "O" category in my state.  I am not that far from transplant.  I feel pretty good considering.  I will continue to keep you updated.  If I do not post for a while, don't be afraid, keep me in your prayers for God to claim victory in me, and I will be back as soon as I can.  God's Speed.

Bro. Brian

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Image result for merry christmas


From my house to yours, we want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas.  I know I have had some health problems this year, but you all have prayed for my family and me, and it is greatly appreciated.  Continue to pray for my donor's salvation, and a liver transplant that is all in God's timing.  I am now 32 days on the liver transplant list waiting for the phone call for that miraculous surgery.  Jesus is always the reason to do any ministry, to live life, and to give a purpose to all that we do.  I hope you have found your Savior and purpose in this life.  I wish I could just stay upbeat and leave it there, but there are a few items we must discuss that happened yesterday at the UN Security Council (UNSC).

In these bulleted items, this puts in perspective the seriousness of yesterday's vote against Israel's settlements.

*Jews living in the Jewish Quarter for the last 1-2,000 years are now illegal for the first time.

*The Wailing Wall (Kotel), and the Temple Mount are now the international communities' territory, not Israel.

*All of E. Jerusalem is now under international jurisdiction.

*A Trump Presidency cannot reverse the new international law that was voted upon unless a resolution comes in front of the UNSC to overturn it, which is highly unlikely given Russian and Chinese vetoes.

*A new dynamic has developed in Israel where all those living in E. Jerusalem and West Bank can now be brought in front of the international criminal court.

This is just a few items that changed with the UNSC vote.  In the pre-Christmas and pre-Hanukah vote, the world body has stuck it's middle finger up to God.  Even during the birth of Christ, the world tried to stop God, and it did not prevail, and it won't this time.  You are in good standing if you stand with the Lord.  He has claimed victory, and this Christmas season, He will have you in His hands just as He did Mary and Joseph along with the Christ Child.

Bro. Brian

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Image result for un israel


President Obama has just made it complete.  The hatred he has for the Jews was shown in full display today as the UNSC voted to end Israeli settlement activity.  This is the most hateful, anti-Semitic UN vote ever in the history of the body.  This means the world body has made the Israeli settlements illegal, and no more Jews can move into the West Bank.  It has de-facto forced the borders of Israel by the world body.  Prophetically, it allows the fulfillment in Matthew 24 where the Antichrist comes and persecutes the Jews.  It is where many Jews are called to run into hiding.  God said the Jews must pray that the Antichrist does not come in the Sabbath because the settlement Jews, who are primarily religious, will not run away from the persecution of the Antichrist.  This resolution does more harm to the Jewish state than any resolution that has ever been passed.  If Obama wanted to punish the Jews from now on, he has cemented his legacy.  

This act of debauchery is disgusting, but these things must be fulfilled so that the Lord comes back.  Israel now has to prepare for the world body to delegitimize the Jewish settler movement so much that the slaughter of Jews in the end of days will be acceptable to the world at large.  This was an evil day that will live in infamy, and Obama will be judged by that action forever in the fires of hell.  No one tells God what the boundaries of His holy people are.  Obama has done more harm to God's people than anyone in my generation.

In all of this, God is still on His throne.  I believe this resolution is that significant.  More significant than many Christians realize.  Please pray for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel as they face a new reality that is much less secure and scary.  However, in time all Israel will be saved, and in that day Israel will find its hope in their Savior, Jesus Christ.  I will tweet updates on the website as reaction starts coming in.  Will post again in the coming days updating the ramification of the UNSC resolution.

Bro. Brian

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Image result for trump effect


President Obama was going to abstain and allow the UNSC to condemn Israeli settlement activity.  However, Donald Trump contacted the Egyptian government, and it was pulled from consideration.  Trump trumped Obama.  Netanyahu gave an SOS to Donald Trump to save the cause.  Now, the UNSC resolution will not go in front of the UNSC, and Israel will not have to face the reality of a condemnation from the world body.  It seems there is a new sheriff in town.  How things change so fast.

This may give us a glimpse of what is to come.  Donald Trump's administration may not only move the embassy to Jerusalem, but give the right-wing Jews everything they want, even the rebuilt Temple.  Time will tell.  Right now there seems to be a major change in direction in American policy.  Netanyahu may have found his clone.  If that is correct, then there will be swift action in the Middle East aiding the religious Jews.  

Thank you for your prayers.  I am now exactly one month on the liver transplant list.  The liver has settled down a bit, and I have good and bad days.  Pray for the donor's salvation, and for a speedy transplant.  God will do everything in His own time.

Bro. Brian

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Image result for russian ambassador


The Russian ambassador was killed, and rumors abound in the Middle East that it was a CIA hitjob.  It doesn't't matter if it is or not, but the belief of this could change the dynamics in the Middle East quickly.  My first thought was if this was the hook the Bible speaks about in Ezekiel which brings Russia into Israel along with Turkey and Iran.  President Obama warned of retaliation, and many could conclude, maybe successfully, that the United States was involved.  If this was Turkey not protecting the Russian ambassador, then Turkey could change the conversation to attacking Israel.  Just another thought.  If this escalates look at Russia pulling an ambassador out of an American ally or summoning the American ambassador in Russia for a dress down (strongly worded argument).  Time will tell.

President-elect Trump has chosen his new ambassador to Israel, and many believe he may be more conservative than Netanyahu.  There is talk of really moving the American embassy this time to Jerusalem, and giving the Jews more of a presence on the Temple Mount.  Could a rebuilding of the Temple be in the offing in part of a grand deal?  Trump is unpredictable so I think anything could happen.  Exciting times indeed.

You couple these ambassador stories with a world teetering on disaster once again, and you can sense something major could be in the offing.  As always, God is our safety net, and He promises He will always be with us.  God's Speed.

Bro. Brian

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Image result for trump's grand deal


The new Trump administration has its eyes set on an elusive deal which will forever settle the Palestinian/Israeli peace.  If anyone can sign a deal in an unorthodox manner it would be Donald Trump.  It makes me wonder if Trump will give Israel the Temple Mount in exchange of some grand Arab/Muslim deal.  Trump is a man that could make a deal.  He thinks in such a way that he might do the unthinkable.  Time will tell.

I don’t think Trump is anti-Israel or pro-Israel, but pro-deal.  He looks at the world in a set of deals.  If he can muster a deal between Israel and the Palestinians then there will be parts of the deal which will be great for Israel, but also detrimental to the Jewish state.  We will have to see what he does very soon into his Presidency.  Right now, Trump is breaking many of the taboos of international diplomacy.  Will this be another?

Thank you for your prayers.  I know I have felt them.  I am doing good.  Slowed down a bit, waiting on that call, and keeping up on the news. 

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 06 December 2016

Image result for EU Flag tatters


The EU is in dire straits.  Only Angela Merkel is left standing in the old guard, and the populist movement is sweeping European capitals.  There is going to come a time when the wound of the Antichrist will be healed.  I believe it will be the EU that is going to be healed.  I have thought for a long time the Antichrist will not be assassinated, and then resurrect, but it is the Beast Kingdom that will resurrect from the ashes.  The Antichrist will woo the world as he saves the EU.  (Revelation 13:3)

This is on the heels of the Russians having a very major presence in the Middle East.  Donald Trump is a pragmatist, and not a strong ideologue who supports Israel.  Trump wants results, and I can see him allowing the Russians to continue to have a foothold in the Middle East in order for certain results to happen.  What we have is a world that is looking very much like the world preceding the coming of Christ.

Again, thank you for your prayers.  My liver has settled down so I am posting a bit more, but there will come a time again when the liver will act up, I will get a transplant, and time will move on.  I will never stop the website, but there may be time when I do not post as often due to health concerns.  You can follow me on twitter on this website or twitter itself as I provide news relevant to prophecy when I go through the bouts of liver disease until the Lord brings me out of it.  Thank you for your prayers.

Bro. Brian

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Sunday, 04 December 2016

Image result for Italy referendum


Italy's referendum vote threatens the stability of its own country.  Brexit, and now Italy's want to stop the EU beast from controlling their lives brings the EU on the brink of insolvency.  I just tweeted that one out of three world citizens do not use cash.  The others are being mentally prepared to go cashless.  This could be a time when a third country unleashes its anger toward the EU, and the mark of the beast is implemented.  Time will tell.  

I have been following news events, and post more on twitter nowadays.  Still waiting on that phone call for a liver transplant, and pray that the donor and the transplant all will be done expeditiously in God's timing.  I appreciate the prayers, and hopefully post very soon.

Brian Roberts

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