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Monday, 29 September 2014


In the next two years, we will need to look at how the new EU Foreign Ministry reacts to the multiple conflicts in the world.  President Obama is a lame duck foreign policy President from here on out.  He may overreact and destroy something to make a point, because he is so narcissistic and inept.  He might accidently destroy Damascus which fulfills Scripture, or continue to destroy the relationship with Israel beyond repair.  Whatever the case, it will be a haphazard and dangerous foreign policy with a sinister scheme. 

I can see the EU filling in the void through the new EU Foreign Policy Chief  Federica Mogherin’s interaction with the Middle East, especially with the Israelis.  It is through the EU Foreign Ministry where I believe the Antichrist will fulfill his prophetic role.  I still believe the Antichrist will be a man, and with the Scriptures concerning the disregard to women, he could come up and overthrow Ms. Mogherin in the future.  Time will tell. 

The United States has left the Middle East a complete mess.  Through the years dating back to the early 1970’s when the dollar was pegged to the oil standard, the United States has intervene many times in the Middle East, and often to no good.  The EU will intervene one day through the Antichrist to perform the abomination of desolation on the Temple Mount.  We will know that day because the two witnesses of Revelation chapter 11 will be preaching at that time.  

The world is falling apart, and it will continue to fall apart until a man who performs sinister miracles will come upon the scene.  He, and his cohort, the False Prophet, will mesmerize the world with the plan to save the planet and its economic system.  They will be tepidly successful, but don’t be deceived.  The only truth lays in one man, the man Christ Jesus.  Do not believe the systems of this world.  Whatever good they may have done in the past, put them behind you, and it is time to believe only the Word of God.   

Be of good cheer, He has overcome your world, your fears, and your concerns.  Trust in Jesus for He is the source of peace, holiness, joy, and a future wrapped in righteousness and love. 

Bro. Brian

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I am watching with intrigue how the world is moving ever so close to the Middle East.  Chinese military are at the Port of Hormuz in Iran, the American military is carrying out ISIS strikes.  The Russian military is in Iran, Syria, and elsewhere, and the Islamic armies are everywhere in the Middle East.  The Gog/Magog war alliances are shaping up with Sheba and Dedan, which incorporate Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.  They are siding with the West in the ISIS battles.  Sheba and Dedan will side with the West when Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, and Libya attack Israel.   The West and her allies will do nothing to come to the aid of Israel, but God will.  China, representing the East is flexing its muscles in the Middle East, and will have the 2 million demonic army coming in the last days.  The South is always threatening Israel with the Islamic doctrine of destroying the Jewish state. 

The alliances are forming, the peace process is becoming more international every day, and there are still timelines being discussed within the peace process, which will fulfill Scripture in the near future.  Technology allows information to travel extremely fast, which is leading to an oppressive oligarchy government throughout the world.  The elitists can now control the population through our technological devices, and the elites are coercing the population into mind control.  Only God knows when all of it will come together when the man of sin is revealed.

The global coalition that is attacking ISIS will be the groundwork for another global coalition that will come into Megiddo one day soon.  This global coalition will meet Jesus Christ in the Holy Land where Jesus will defeat the enemies of Israel.  The King of Kings is coming, and coming soon. 

Stay strong in this world.  Continue to educate people of the events we are witnessing, and understand that you are the one called to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the undecides.  Your calling is to be the feet, the hands, and the mouthpiece of Jesus Christ.  This awesome responsibility is given to us in very difficult times.  It is a blessing to know that He loves us so much that He gives us a place in His Kingdom.  Come Lord Jesus.

Bro. Brian

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Friday, 19 September 2014


President Obama will direct the American air strikes during the ISIS campaign.  I suspect there will be no transparency with his ISIS campaign, and I have my doubts if ISIS is his main target.  The man is pure evil.  Do you think the President cares about defeating ISIS or saving the Christians or Jews?  Absolutely not.  This secret Obama air strike campaign will serve his interests.  No wonder no one wants to go with the Americans.  I am so ashamed of the leader of my country.  America has not always gotten it right, but this is about as evil as they come.


France has stated the United Nations Security Council will decide the peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  If this comes to fruition, then the time of Antichrist became much closer.  I believe the peace process has to be internationalized for the Antichrist to come into E. Jerusalem to perform the abomination of desolation, and for the nations of the world to come into Megiddo for the great battle with Jesus Christ at His Second Coming.  President Obama knows that he has only a short time in his Presidency so he will orchestrate evil plans to destroy what is left of the Judeo-Christian ethic in the Western world.  This must happen for the elites to take over the world for Satan.


Scotland is extremely liberal, anti-Israel, and is not a friend to Christianity.  I did not have a strong opinion whether Scotland would vote to succeed or not.  What it does tell us is that there is an unsettledness within the world against the elites in London, Washington, Paris, Madrid, Rome, etc.  Jesus spoke in the Gospels where ethnic groups will be against ethnic groups.  The world is splintering as the elites plot their final march toward a false unity. 


It is hard to see the evil in the world taken over humankind.  Remember, you are not a part of this world, and you are also ambassadors in a foreign land.  We are co-heirs with Christ, and a New Earth awaits us.  Work hard today in the evil days we live, and there are holy days ahead when we will spend eternity with Christ in the new creation that is awaiting us.  Also remember that eternity is now.  Take a piece of heaven with you every day as a comfort to you.


Bro. Brian

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Scotland is voting tomorrow to succeed from the UK.  If this is successful, secession movements in Spain and Belgium may gain steam and become very successful.  This will lead the EU in economic turmoil, and someone strong might need to put the pieces together.  Three horns plucked?  Time will tell.  I would love some of the English or Scottish readers send me an email keeping me updated.  Thank you for all your emails that I receive on a regular basis.  God’s Speed.

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


The Pope said the other day we are in the midst of WW3.  Maybe he is correct.  I have my own issues with the Catholic Church, and I believe many of their worship practices are not biblical; however, there are many good Christians in the Catholic Church.  I believe WW3 could very well be beginning, and here is why.


First, the deception is great.  The church has lost its vision.  Jesus said in the end of days the Kingdom of the Gospel shall be preached.  The Kingdom of the Gospel focuses on the salvation in Jesus Christ with an added emphasis on the coming Kingdom of God with Christ ruling on earth for a 1,000 years.  The church is afraid to teach the truth that the events in the world today are the events the prophets foretold thousands of years ago.  We have politicians changing natural laws, fulfilling Daniel’s prophecies that laws will be changed.  The Antichrist will change those laws even more as he comes upon the earth in the future.  The church is sleeping with the world governments, and they will align themselves with the Antichrist.  The true bride will be caught up in the air to meet the Lord, but the false church will stay on earth to prostitute itself with the world.  We are there.


Second, Israel is finding itself all alone.  The Scottish independence movement stated that Israel and ISIS are the one of the same.  Many other churches and national governments are conspiring against Israel.  This is just one example.  The United States’ State Department is very anti-Israel.  President Obama loathes the Jews, and the Western world is ripe for the Antichrist.  The Antichrist will use the anti-Semitic feelings in the world to persecute Jews and believing Christians.  The world is setting the scene where great persecution will come.  Soon, the world will persecute all those that call themselves lovers of God, and it will happen shortly after the Antichrist performs the abomination of desolation.  It will be at this time the first seal will be open, and open persecution will transpire to its fullest at the fifth seal when the mark of the beast is implemented.  This is my humble opinion.


Third, the nations of this world are drunk with evil.  Satan has the world system right where he wants it for his last great rebellion before the coming of Christ.  I believe the Ebola outbreak, the porous southern American border, ISIS, Gaza conflict, economic uncertainty, etc. are premeditated plans by Satan’s elitists to bring about the Satanic world order that is before us.  Do not trust the news on television, minus a few that still tell the truth.  I personally like Charles Krauthammer, Bret Baier, and Brit Hume.  I do not know them extremely personally, but if you have information that I do not which refutes this assumption that they are fairly trustworthy, please share. 


I do believe we are in the beginning of WW3.  There will not be a WW4.  This war is the war to end all wars in this age.  The victory will be Jesus Christ coming back at the Second Coming.  It is going to very difficult.  Let’s don’t sugar coat what we will be facing.  There will be heartache, but remember, God told us it would be this way.  God will be with you through the good and difficult times ahead.  Trust Him, and when it is all done, you will realize the special relationship you always had with Him.  He loves you, and He wants you to know He is with you always even to the end of this age.


Bro. Brian

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Friday, 12 September 2014

President Obama's speech was nothing more than liberal junk.  America will fight in the Middle East without the participation of the army, and the Islamic state is not truly Islamic.  The man amazes me with his ineptness and lack of truth.  Either you go into to fight ISIS or you don't.  The speech was to help elect Democrats.  The man is the most political man I have ever seen in the Oval Office, even President Nixon.  
President Abbas of Palestine is pushing the Americans to support an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem within 3 years.  If that is pushed to 3 1/2 years we have a possible prophetic timetable in front of us.  We probably will not see much movement in the peace  process until the new EU Foreign Minister takes her new position at the beginning of November.  We just have to wait and see.  
Apple unleashed a new Iphone, and a personal thank you to an email friend that pointed out the new cashless technology on the Apple devices.  Also, Zerohedge is reporting Barclay's will be starting a vein scan, which is a finger scan for financial transactions.  China's largest retailer is also reporting to go cashless.  The world wide mark of the beast is marching ever closer.  It will become the mark when you have to decide between the financial system of this world and your Savior.  We are not there yet.
These things are happening very fast.  God said knowledge will increase and it is exponentially.  Ebola is spreading, the mark of the beast technology will soon envelope the whole world, and the nations of the world are marching ever closer to Israel.  Scary, but yet exciting days lie ahead.  You are the bearers of the good news that Jesus can save people from their own destruction.  Spread the good news in the day we live.
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Tuesday, 09 September 2014


The Ebola outbreak is spreading exponentially, and it has the likelihood to travel outside West Africa.  The United States and some European nations are sending military resources to combat the outbreak.  There is also a respiratory ailment sickening a lot of children in the United States.  There is talk that the large number of immigrants from South America which came through the American border had ailments and diseases that went unchecked.  The American government is not stating where these people are located.  The world is heading down a very dangerous road.   

The fourth seal speaks of disease and death.  We are not there yet for other events must happen first.  However, we see events that are building to that moment in time.  The governments of the world will control their population more as events like this happen.  Governments love to take a crisis and use it for their own benefit.  God told us governments are like beasts, and the worse of them all will be the government of the last days.   

It can get scary seeing all the pain and suffering in the world.  Sin entered into this world through Adam, and it was paid for with the life of the Second Adam, Jesus Christ.  If you put your trust in the Second Adam, then the affects of the First Adam will have no affect on you throughout eternity.  Even now, God’s Spirit has renewed you from the inside, and soon you will experience the full redemption on that day that creation will be in awe (Romans chapter 8). 

Bro. Brian

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Monday, 08 September 2014


The Russians are feeling very emboldened.  The West is weak, the Islamic fundamentalists have paralyzed the United States, Israel is in a precarious position, and Russia’s allies are stronger than ever.  China, Russia, and Iran are dictating the world.  As the prophets mentioned in the last days, the West will be one influence, the north with Russia and Iran will be another, the East with China and its allies will be strong, and the South with the Islamic world will push against Israel.  We see the world not weighted very heavily to the West, but more equal among the four cardinal directions.  America had to weaken in order for this to come to fruition.  We see it in our world right now.

The world is falling apart.  However, remember Jesus said it would be this way.  People’s lives are falling apart also.  Be there for them, and influence your world.  Look for a rigorous peace push to once again find its way in the Middle East.  Look for America to continue to fall away from God and Israel.  ISIS will continue to grow in strength, and Iran will continue to become a regional power.   

Stay strong, know Christ is with you always, and remember the world must be this way for the Lord to come back.  It will get tougher, so put on the armor of God and get ready for the battle at hand.  One day, we will go for a ride of a lifetime to a New Jerusalem. 

Bro. Brian

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Wednesday, 03 September 2014


The Palestinians want a timeframe of around three years or Israel will face international actions.  There will come a time when God will reveal very prophetic signs, and a 3 1?2 year timeline will be offered.  I can see a 3 1?2 year timeline, Antichrist coming in, and another 3 1?2 year timeline where the seals, trumpets, thunders, and bowl judgments commence.  We will be raptured in the second half of the 3 1?2 year timeline.  It is often believed a seven-year timeline will be offered with a distinct break in the middle.  I am not so sure.  I leave that up to God.  What I do know is that the years mentioned in news articles today mirror the Scripture quite closely.  Interesting if this has some momentum. 

Netanyahu ordered one of the biggest land grabs in the modern history of Israel.  I wonder if he knows this pressure is going to begin soon, so he must set out the lines of a border before he is pressured to accept something less than what he wants.  We must watch how the EU responds, and especially the new EU Foreign Minister.

The new EU Foreign Minister has to be approved by the EU Parliament so her position is not a totally certain, but I believe she is likely to get Parliamentary approval.  Whether she lasts and the Antichrist  replaces her remains to be seen.  Also, remember, God works in mysterious ways therefore Ms. Mogherini may be more significant than we think.  Time will tell. 

Link detailing the 3 year timeline.


Bro. Brian

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