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Saturday, 29 March 2014


There is war in the air.  Violence is creeping into every part of our world.  Satan understands that the Kingdom of God is near, and he is directing governments toward the extermination of Jews and Christians.  Satan is real, and his kingdom of darkness is overspreading all parts of society.  There are three events we are witnessing right now that show us the war of Armageddon may be sooner than we think.


First, Russia is moving south.  Crimea is just a staging area for the Middle East.  Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and Sudan will come together for the Gog/Magog War.  This war will transform the nation of Israel and the world.  It will be at this time when the Gospel of the Kingdom will spread throughout the world.  The two witnesses will be the most important individuals in spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Russia’s move into Crimea is Satan’s way to move Magog, under the direction of Gog, closer to the prize all along, Israel.  We know their extermination of Israel will fail as God will protect her. 


The Palestinians are threatening to call off over 20 years of peace talks, and go to the UN for a Palestinian state.  There is no release of Palestinian prisoners, and the Palestinians are changing course.  With a weakened US and EU, the Palestinians have a better chance than ever to declare their state through the UN Security Council.  If the US and EU become extremely angry at Israel, the US and EU nations may abstain from any vote in the Security Council against a Palestinian state, and then the state will be born.  The Middle East will change drastically fast as the world prepares of Antichrist.  The world is trying to force Israel into indefensible borders so that their main prize will be destroyed, Israel.  However, God will protect the Jews for 3 ½ years as Revelation states, and He will save the nation once and for all.


Lastly, the church is digressing into Satanic darkness.  The moral relativism in which most churches are promoting today waters down the Gospel so no it will be difficult for anyone to be on fire for God.  Christians care more about not offending those of other faiths than offending God.  It is the true church that will see these deceptions.  There are some very good churches in the world, but they are few and far in between.   Many Christians look to everything instead of Jesus Christ, and they are not looking at the most important prophetic sign of all, Israel.  However, you who are watchers are not deceived, and be ready for the great birth pains ahead.


Our world can be scary and disheartening.  Remember, you were chosen for this time to serve the Lord.  Be of good cheer, and look to your Lord.  He loves you, will never leave you, and He wants to use you for His service today.  It will be ok, my friend.  It will be ok.


Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


The Arab League took a very hard stance against Obama’s peace process.  The Arab League stated there will not be a recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, and Israel should halt Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).  The Arab League also demanded political prisoners must be released in Israeli jails.  There is a struggle in the Obama Administration between pro-Muslim brotherhood supporters and those against the militant group.  Obama is sympathetic to the Muslim brotherhood.  This has angered the Arab nations which see the Brotherhood as a threat to their stability.  Obama’s radical stance in the Middle East has created chaos in American diplomacy. 

Israel knows this, and the Middle East American foreign policy must be worrisome in Israel.  The collapse of American forieign policy paves the way for the Europeans to take a stand in the Middle East, but they do not have a strong leader.  The EU has created an empire of clay.  There is not a unified voice, and the policies are in disarray.  It will take a strong willed man to bring iron back into the EU.  He will be Antichrist, and time will tell if he will come soon.  Watch for the appointement of the 2015 EU Foreign Minister, which will have a term of five years.

Obama’s foreign policy has created chaos in the world.  The United States’ leadership is void of any moral authority.  In order to stave off total world collapse, the EU will have to assume leadership or another entity like Russia will assume the void.  According to Scripture, the EU will fill the void with objection from Russia, China, and the Arab world.  The United States will assist the EU as the Antichrist assumes his rightful place to fulfill Scripture.   

Bro. Brian

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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Europe and America are impotent to the Russian incursion into Crimea, and the possible Russian incursion into the Ukraine becomes a little more likely in the weeks ahead.  The calculated move of Obama to decrease American superpower is very prophetic.  The leadership void in the West is dangerous, and will eventually lead to the rise of Antichrist.  It is during crises like this that the world embraces security over freedom, and a dictatorship over democracy.                

The EU will appoint a new EU Foreign Minister by January 1st, 2015.  It is conceivable the individual that will fill the position will be Antichrist some day.  It is amazing how the West does not control events in Asia and the Middle East.  Russia announced that it will change how the world is dealing with the West over Iran, and give Iran more freedom to attain a nuclear bomb.  Russia is setting all the parameters for the world right now.  Their rule of law is spreading throughout Asia and the Middle East. 

Russia’s strength will embolden Israel’s enemies.  Syria and Hezbollah in the North will likely take advantage of Israel’s weakened stance.  The Americans have publicly came out against the Israeli Defense Minister.  President Obama’s dislike of Jews is showing through his foreign policy.  The dislike of Judeo-Christian ethic and rules is the reason for an incoherent strategy in his foreign policy.  Only a vision led by Christian principles can provide a coherent and sound policy.  The anti-Christian view will lead to the rise of persecution and government control of our lives.  Satan is on the move, my friends.  

The world is a dangerous place.  The violence the Bible talks about in the last days is not only physical violence, but a spiritual violence that is ripping through our families every day.  We must not trust this world and its systems.  They are built on the sands of Babylon, but we must trust the Rock of Jesus Christ.  Stand strong in the line of defense against the kingdom of darkness.  The world does not understand you because you are of a different kingdom not built with flesh and blood that is corruptible, but with the Blood of Jesus Christ where no sin is found. 

 Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


March twenty eighth is coming and it is a very important date.  Israel is threatening not to release the next round of Palestinian prisoners if Palestinian President Abbas does not commit to talks.  As of right now, Abbas is not committing to talks, and if that holds, then Israel will not release the Palestinian prisoners.  This will be the end of the Obama peace push.  If this happens, then more violence is likely to spread throughout the Middle East.  Just today, four IDF soldiers were hurt on the Israel-Syria border.  We may be in a very violent time in the next few weeks.  

Russia’s annexing of Crimea is just a step toward the Middle East.  Russia’s main prize is Middle East control, which Israel is in its way.  One day Russia will be hooked to go into the mountains of Israel.  Russia, a fairly rational superpower, knows that it cannot take on the whole Middle East right now.  Iran, on the other hand, will go after Israel with no sense of rationality.  The events you see today are setting up for major events in the future which will fulfill Scripture. It will be Russia that will need prodding to go into the mountains of Israel, and when she does, she will meet her defeat by the hands of God.  Remember, March 28th is an important date you need to keep in mind, and if Israel does not release the prisoners, then the world may tailspin into violence unheard of in modern times.

 Trust in Jesus, and don’t worry about tomorrow.  It is hard to do that with what we just said in the commentary, but He has all of this under control.  Jesus promised He will be with you even through the end.  One day in Glory, we will be the overcomers in one of the most difficult times in human history.  The crowns you collect today will be placed at the feet of Jesus in due time.  He loves you more than anything, but these things must take place to fulfill Scripture and give God the Glory.

 Bro. Brian

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Monday, 17 March 2014


Let’s look at the Gog/Magog War with a closer look.  We have the main players of Russia, Iran, Israel, and the lesser players of Turkey, Libya, and Sudan that will be involved in the epic Ezekiel War of Chapters 38/39, or as some know it Gog/Magog.  I know the Psalm 83 war could be soon, but it is the Gog/Magog War which will change the world.  Rabbis look to this war as the war where the Lord will begin to redeem the nation of Israel.  In time, they will see the redeemer is in the name of Jesus Christ.

God will defend Israel in those days, says the prophet.  Israel is living in villages without walls.  If anyone visits Israel today, they know that security is important, but you can travel to destinations without violence.  Chicago has places more violent than Israel.  Israel cannot hold off the massive armies that will invade the country in the near future.  Only God can save the nation.  The United States announced that it probably will not defend Israel in the face of a massive attack. In Scripture, we know that the United States will not.  No one will come to her defense except the Lord who chose her 4,000 years ago.

Russia is the second player in the Gog/Magog War.  Magog is a geographical area north of Israel and the villagers that make up this geographical area belong to Russia.  It is generally thought this is Russia.  I believe it is.  Russia does have the amount of soldiers to overrun Israel.  They also have the technology described in Ezekiel where soldiers will lose their since of direction and experience a massive defeat. 

Iran is willing to go into Israel, but Russia will have to be hooked, or urged.  Iran has stated it wants to destroy Israel, and they are preparing for the day where they will try to destroy God’s people.  Iran will be destroyed on the mountains of Israel.  The smaller Iranian army will take a bigger hit than Russia, and the Scripture states in the end of days the North (Russia) will continue to cause the Antichrist problems, but Iran is not a real threat.  It is because Iran’s losses will keep them from playing a big part on the international scene, but Russia will continue to press the international community in their weakened state. They may still play a part, but not a significant part.  China will fill in the void from the East.   

Turkey, Sudan, and Libya are lesser known Iranian allies in the Gog/Magog War, but they will play a part.  Turkey, north of Israel, will probably supply many soldiers, fighter jets, and other military hardware, and they will be soundly be defeated just like Iran would be.  Sudan is a supplier of Iranian weaponry, and the Port of Sudan will likely supply weapons with military support in the Ezekiel War.  Therefore, they will be a part of the invasion.  Libya is a little more difficult.  They have a collapsed country, and the likelihood of a military assault from them is average at best.  However, they are into pirating, and guerilla warfare.  Libyan guerillas will probably assist Sudan, Iran, Russia, and/or Turkey.  Many of them are stationed in Syria at the moment, and they may become important in the delivery of military hardware in any war.  

Remember, Damascus will be destroyed sometime in the end per Isaiah 17.  The destruction of Damascus may propel this war.  The Psalm 83 war may help start this war.  Whatever may happen, the world will change forever after Gog/Magog because this is when the world will know God saved Israel from destruction.  Many hearts will harden, but many will come to know Jesus.  Also, Romans Chapter 11 will begin to be fulfilled when the Apostle Paul wrote that all Israel shall be saved.   

I am watching the Obama/Abbas meeting earlier today and will comment on it accordingly.  Israel’s next prisoner release is March 28th.  If the talks are successful or stagnant, then the prisoner release will go forward, if it is a dismal failure, then no prisoner release.  Time will tell, but it is almost too much to cover, isn’t it.  God Bless.

Bro. Brian

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Friday, 14 March 2014


The United States has given Russia until Monday to change its behavior or else.  We have seen the empty threats by America before, and I think it would be very surprising if Russia changed their behavior based on American threats.  Do not forget that Russia’s main goal is Middle East dominance which will force them to try to defeat Israel. 

Russia is massing its troops on the Ukrainian border, and the world is just watching.  Also, do not forget the significance of the weak EU in this dramatic situation.  When it comes time to choose a new EU Foreign Minister at the end of this year, there may be a cry for a strong one.  The most prophetic implication of the Russian excursion in Ukrainian territory may be a EU Foreign Minister who may be Antichrist some day.  Time will tell if Gog/Magog War and a strong EU Foreign minister is in the near future, but you cannot rule it out. 

The United States is blaming Israel for the Palestinians not recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.  The frustration is growing that Israel is not playing by the international demands to work with the world community on the framework agreement.  I still believe the framework agreement is extremely important in prophecy, and we will know soon enough how it relates to God’s Holy Word.  We will report the very important Obama/Abbas meeting in Washington DC on Monday. 

Understand the Lord has His ways unknowing to us, and we must always trust in Him.  If you have not done so lately, walk with Him, talk to Him.  People will say you’re crazy to believe that Jesus is God, and you are.  You are crazy for Him, and He is crazy in love with you.  Isn’t it good to know that every day you get to spend time with the same Lord who created all things.  Jesus, can’t wait to see You face to face. 

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


The Ukrainian situation is worsening.  Russia is supplying Crimea with Russian weaponry.  Russian weaponry is going to a Crimean warm water port that may very well be used in the coming Gog/Magog War.  Always remember, everything happens within the Will of God.  Gog is moving south, and in the near future Gog will move further south against Israel.   God will judge Gog on the mountains of Israel. 


The Gog/Magog War of Ezekiel is important.  First, the world will know God has defended Israel, and many will come to the faith, but many people’s hearts will grow colder.  It will be an event that will open many eyes to God.  Believing that Jesus exists does not make you a Christian, but accepting the atonement of His death and the promise of His Resurrection makes someone a Christian.  Even the demons know Jesus exists.


Second, Israel will begin the process of salvation.  Before Christ comes back all Israel shall be saved.   The process of this salvation starts at the Gog/Magog War.  It is then the Jews will begin to look for their Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Satan’s persecution will greatly increase as much of the world begins to credit God for saving Israel, but many will still not believe.


Russia’s takeover of Crimea is a systematic plan to take over the Middle East.  We know from Scripture Ezekiel told us in chapters 38/39 that Russia and its allies will be defeated upon the mountains of northern Israel.  Looking through the lenses of Scripture, Russia will soon see its demise by the very hands of the Lord.  Time will tell how soon that will be.


Bro. Brian

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Friday, 07 March 2014


US Secretary Kerry was in Jordan today talking about the peace process.  What we do know is Israel is warm to the Kerry Framework Agreement, but the Palestinians do not like it.  Israel has stated that they want Jordan to take a leading role in the Middle East peace process.  Could the United States bypass the Palestinian Authority, and deal with Jordan instead?  I don’t know, but Obama wants a peace agreement very bad.  It is known that Netanyahu wants a legacy for himself.  Time will tell, but we may have an interesting turn of events in the peace process that may surprise us all.


Kerry Arrives In Jordan Link

Israel May Concede Some Settlements Link

Bro. Brian

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Thursday, 06 March 2014


The framework agreement has been presented to Israel and the Palestinians.  We do not know if any of the details have been changed or agreed upon.  The meeting with Palestinian President Abbas will be extremely important on March 17th.  If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to accept the framework, then Israel received something very important in return. 


It is interesting the Iranian ship heading from the Sudan to the Middle East was captured with American and Israeli coordination.  I wonder if Netanyahu received assurances from Obama for military cooperation in return for an acceptance on the framework agreement.  If I see any articles detailing any changes to the Kerry Framework Agreement, I will post as soon as I can.  Interesting times indeed.


Iranian Shipment Seized Link

Framework Agreement Given To Israel/Palestinians Link


Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 04 March 2014


I believe Russia does not want to invade Ukraine and take over all of the country.  They may invade the eastern side, but they may not.  Russia wants resources, and Crimea gives them the ability to import and export those resources.  Crimea gives Russia a viable warm water port, and it also gives Russia a military base.  Russia is a mainly landlocked county because their most important ports are in very cold waters.  Russia’s main goal is to control the Middle East.  This switch from American dominance to Russian dominance in Asia will likely bring in voices for a strong EU leader to confront Russia.  The EU’s message is garbled and weak.  I believe the Russian takeover of Crimea has a twofold consequence.


First, this exposes the West’s weakness and impotence in controlling Russia’s ambitions.  Russia knows it can exert its will in selected parts of the world, and the West cannot compete.  President Obama announced to the world America will not defend Israel if it does not do the President’s bidding, which will embolden Russia even more.  Ukraine could lead to the hook spoken in Ezekiel where Iran, Russia, Turkey, and their allies craft an evil plan to take over Israel.  God will come to the defense of Israel and save her on that day, and it will begin her salvation. 


Second, the EU has looked extremely weak.  America’s weak leadership has opened the door for the EU to exert its power, but no one did.  The big three, Germany, Britain, and France are in disagreement on the way forward, and the EU External Action Service from which the EU Foreign Ministry is at is nowhere to be found in the crisis.  I believe the Russian advances will force the EU to select a more powerful EU Foreign Minister in the months to come to replace the current officeholder, Catherine Ashton, come January 1st, 2015.


Lastly, I don’t want to forget the meeting yesterday between Israel and the United States.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rebuffed Obama’s peace push.  Reports say that the two leaders were in disagreement.  Whether the meeting was a façade or real remains to be seen.  I don’t think we will know much more until Palestinian President Abbas visits the White House on March 17th.  Time will tell, but we may be seeing the seeds of the EU Foreign Ministry as the officeholder of the soon to be Antichrist, Gog marching toward the mountains of Israel soon, and the 70th week of Daniel in the near future. 


Bro. Brian

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Monday, 03 March 2014


By the time you read this Russia may have already taken over all of Crimea and possibly Eastern Ukraine.  CNN and others have reported Russia may have issued an ultimatum to take over Crimea and possibly other parts of Ukraine.  What this crisis may create is a strong EU Foreign Minister January 2015.  Catherine Ashton is weak, and the EU looks ridiculously leaderless.  The EU’s credibility is at stake, and the future of the EU is threatened.  Americans do not understand the importance of the Ukraine to the EU.  People may wonder what may propel the Europeans to look for someone with great power, it may be the Ukraine. 


President Obama is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to force him to give up the “illegal occupation” of the West Bank.  The West Bank, ancient Judea and Samaria, has and will always be Israel’s.  More importantly, Obama wants Israel to give up E. Jerusalem, Biblical Jerusalem, and we know God gave Jerusalem to Israel all the way to Abraham’s day with Melchizidek.  Zechariah said the world would be drunk with Jerusalem, and it is.  The American President is meeting with an occupation that really is not an occupation at all, while the Russians are preparing for the true illegal occupation of parts of the Ukraine.  Deception, just deception, my friends. 


The world’s economy is under extreme stress due to the Russian crisis.  The Russian crisis may be one of those prophetic markers that will be very significant.  The West is impotent to Russia, and Russia knows it.  Belarus next, or maybe Israel will be the next occupation?  Remember, Russia will never occupy Israel for Ezekiel prophesied they will be destroyed on the mountains of Israel in the last days.  We will continue to follow this through www.twitter.com/pastorbrianrobe for updates as well as the website.


Bro. Brian

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Sunday, 02 March 2014


I want you to understand the significance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  This move south has great significance for the Ezekiel prophecies.  Russia’s confidence to exert its will on humankind without Western intervention is significant.  Russia knows it can invade a country and the West does not have the will to protect their vital interests.  The country Russia will be hooked to invade will be Israel.  An event will hook Russia into coming into the holy land, and no one will come to the aid of Israel, except God.  It will be the beginning of the redemption of God’s people.  The Ukrainian invasion may propel Russia into the holy land in the near future.  Time will tell. 


President Obama has warned Netanyahu that if Israel does not accept the framework agreement, then Israel will find itself with no friends.  For once, I agree with the President, but for different reasons.  Obama wants to punish Israel, but in reality Israel will find itself alone to find God.  Tomorrow is the important meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, and March 17th is the meeting between Obama and Palestinian President Abbas.  The prelude to the seals can be felt in this world.  You can feel the wheels coming off the cart in our world, and in time Jesus will come back to make all things new. 


The world is a very dangerous place, and it is about to get more dangerous.  The Russian Bear is proven itself to be a world power.  God told us Russia will come into the holy land for its judgment.  Gog, which I believe is a demon over Russia, is moving south, and the prize awaits Gog.  Gog will be judged one day, and when he is judged, Israel will begin to look toward its Savior once more. 


Bro. Brian

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