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Today, on this first day of the ninth month, would you join Anne Graham Lotz and me and Christians all over the world to pray for at least one full hour for the peace of Jerusalem? The citizens and leaders of Israel face enormous geopolitical and economic pressures from every side. They also face a fierce and raging […]
(Central Israel) — The President of the United States has absolutely no idea what he is doing in the Middle East. Mr. Obama apparently has plenty of time to play golf. Yet he refuses to invest the time and energy necessary to come up with a plan to stop — much less defeat — ISIS, despite the genocidal attacks their […]
(Central Israel) — Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to and travel through Israel with two solidarity delegations from the United States. One was organized by former Senator Rick Santorum and included businessmen, journalists and evangelical Christian pastors from across the country. The other was led by Dr. Jerry Johnson, president & CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters […]
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 Bro. Brian's Commentary  

Acts 4:12 (NASB)

12 "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”--Jesus is Salvation.  Only way to heaven. . . Best decision you will ever make.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Picture of Frederica Mogherini, new EU Foreign Policy Chief


Meet the new EU Foreign Minister, Italian Foreign Minister and Roman born woman, Federica Mogherini.  She was born in Rome, has connections to the Brookings Institute, in which Javier Solana is a member of.  A center-left Italian Foreign Minister with little to no experience in the foreign ministry, but is said to have charisma.  She focused on political Islam earlier in her life, and visited Israel at the beginning of Protective Edge, the Gaza War.  She stated in her visit to Israel she understood anti-Semitism, and Jewish groups have warmed to her ideas.  She is well liked in the center-left world, but will have a very hard time convincing Eastern Europeans and conservatives due to her possible softness toward Russia.  Please visit my twitter section for multiple news sources on new EU Foreign Policy Chief Mogherini.


In Scripture, the Antichrist is mentioned as a man with no desire of women.  She does have a family with two children, and she does not desire women.  She is from one of the ten horns, which is one of the ten nations of the defunct Western European Union.  As Scripture states, the WEU has given its power to the beast, the EU.  Is she a possible Antichrist?  God has done some strange things before so nothing is out of the realm of possibility.  Her connection to political Islam and warmness toward Israel shows that she may be a possible candidate.  The “he” mentioned in Scripture being the Antichrist is a problem for me in my interpretation.  I am taking one day at a time knowing God is in control of this.  We may be extremely surprised in the months ahead.  How we are surprised is another question.


Remember, God works in a way we cannot understand.  Do not take today with great anticipation or disappointment.  Keep your emotions stable, and search the Word.  In time we will know these things much clearer.  Until then, we are along for this ride trying to seek out the next corner we are going to turn at.  Take one day at a time, and remember God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.


Bro. Brian

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Sunday, 24 August 2014


Palestinian President Abbas is proposing a timetable for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 lines and give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.  Here are my ideas about the possible proposal.


*This will come from the UN Security Council and the whole UN, not from the US.

*The American position is not known at this time, but if the Americans back Abbas’ plan, then the idea becomes very important.

*The EU will be appointing a new EU Foreign Minister that may become very important to overlooking such a plan, which will make it more international and not American.

*East Jerusalem was mentioned as one of the center pieces of this plan, which follows the burdensome stone prophecy of Zechariah.


I do have to see the timetable of any such plan.  Will it be seven years?  Will it be attached to an existing timetable already in motion?  Will it be 3 ½ years, and will have another 3 ½ years of the plan that will not be known now?  Where is the Jewish Temple?  The plan will be revealed on Tuesday.  Read the plan through the link below for the news source.  Time will tell.




Bro. Brian

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Saturday, 23 August 2014


The cynic in me believes there is something horribly Satanic going on between the White House and Hamas.  I am going to put out a theory that in time may be proven.  Here it goes.

I believe there could have been an agreement between Hamas and the White House to continue the war of attrition between Israel and the terrorist organization.  President Obama loathes Jews, especially conservative Jews.  The United States torpedoed the Egyptian proposal in order to oust Netanyahu.  The belief in the White House is the longer the war in Gaza lasts, the more likely Netanyahu’s government will fall.  The Pentagon is incensed over the White House’s decision to align themselves with Hamas.  President Obama at a press conference stated very emphatically the American military is his and he is the commander in chief.  Obama is exerting his authority over America’s generals and the generals are fighting back. 

Also, President Obama has allowed ISIS to capture and use American hardware in order to bring chaos to the Middle East to cover the scandals that will likely be investigated when the Republicans win the Senate in the fall.  Obama has sacrificed the tepid peace in the Middle East for complete chaos to save his own self.  I believe Obama has allowed ISIS to exert complete control to keep Hamas on the American side.  US Secretary Defense Hagel and General Dempsey’s press conference the other day was not for the American public, but a warning signal to the President of the United States that the American military does not agree with what the President is doing.  There is a very dangerous battle going on between Obama and the Pentagon, very dangerous.  Time will tell how this turns out.

I may be cynical enough to see what is truly playing out.  The open borders in the southwest United States, ISIS, Hamas’ war of attrition and the Pentagon lecturing against the President’s policy seems to point to a major terrorist attack upon the American soil to bring about the world order.  Deception is great my friends and we must not trust anyone, but Jesus Christ.

Stay strong.  It is going to be difficult, but don’t fall into temptation unless you will be too weak to make it through the Great Tribulation to come.  Stay true to the Word of God, and always remember God loves you.

 Bro. Brian

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Friday, 22 August 2014


Of all the events that we are witnessing, we have to keep our eye on the ball.  The EU selection of the foreign minister is extremely important.  As violence rips our families and the world around us, the citizenry of the planet is looking for a savior.  We know from Scripture the world will not look toward Jesus Christ, but will look for a false savior that mixes politics and religion.  The Antichrist will be that man.  I believe it is likely the Antichrist will come from the EU foreign ministry.  As August 30th approaches we will watch the names that will come up from the EU.  I suspect another stalemate, and the EU foreign minister is likely not to be chosen for some time.  You know it is a very important position being that it has taken the EU this long to decide on a new one. 

As new crises hit the world, the people you see every day are more hostile to Jesus Christ and His Word more than ever.  You will get down, feel persecuted, left out, but don’t be discouraged.  He said it would be this way, and it is now that Jesus needs us more than ever to spread the Good News.  I know the news is reporting about the riots in Ferguson, the conflicts in the Middle East, and an American President that is allowing violence to rip through the world.  Never let your eye off the ball right now.  It is the EU foreign minister position that may tell us more than any of these other events before us about how close we truly are.  Time will tell.

Remember Scriptures and news links are on the twitter feed on the left side of the website.  You can also follow me at www.twitter.com/pastorbrianrobe .

Bro. Brian

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